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Airtable Implementation Specialist

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£60,000 - £80,000 GBP yearly
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Your mission
Is to partner with our clients to transform how they work. Harnessing the power of Airtable to streamline workflow, optimise data management and redesign business processes.
Every client has unique processes and unique problems. It’s your job to diagnose and solve them with unique solutions that create simplicity from complexity.

What we’re all about
Airtable Apps for Ecommerce Brands.
It is supremely hard to find software that ‘just works’ for the critical behind-the-scenes operations in ecommerce. For this reason, in most cases, brands are running a web of SaaS and Google sheets held together with tape - and it isn’t pretty.
We believe that ecommerce operators deserve better. They deserve the same ease of use, customisability and scalability that the front end has in Shopify, and in the right hands, Airtable is the platform to deliver it.
In the space of 18 months we've onboarded 250+ operators from brands like Jaded London, Passenger, CRTZ and Waterdrop to custom Airtable apps. We've helped transform their operations quickly, affordably and at scale by tailoring every solution to the people, data and existing tech stack.
We collaborate with Operators who have eyes wide open to what is possible at product-focused brands £5M-£200M in revenue. They share our belief that no/low code can create an operational edge. Many have a vision of what they want to create, but need a to figure out how to do it.

Building at Nolo Apps
Our builders don’t just build, they own projects from start to finish: developing relationships, scoping and designing, building workflows and collaborating with the client every step of the way.
We pride ourselves on discovering and solving problems, not just building on request.
Our process is agile and believe in the power of close collaboration, prototyping and iteration over perfect requirement documents.

What we’re looking for
We’re looking for someone who can work independently to deliver top quality low code solutions for our customers using Airtable, Make and scripting. You understand how to work with users to understand their needs and simplify complex workflows. You understand the balancing act of getting deep in build mode vs. thoughtful data architecture. You know integration engineering and how to get to grips with an API, fast. You’re user focused and understand that we’re helping operators go on a journey, not just providing a new system.

Your skills and experience
  • You’ve developed complex yet beautifully simple Airtable apps.
  • You’re driven by solving problems and get a buzz from building automations and workflows.
  • You’ve worked in a customer/user centric environment where you’re focused on understanding and servicing the needs of others.
  • You’re exceptionally organised, independent and have led multiple projects with tight timelines, managing the time of yourself and other stakeholders.
  • You have excellent communication and collaboration skills to effectively interact with customers and team alike
  • Bonus: you’ve worked in the retail/ecommerce/consumer space.
  • Bonus: you’ve built complex integrations and are proficient in JavaScript and web development technologies.
About you
Skills and experience are important but they aren’t everything. We love working with people like this:
  • Human. People service people, you recognise the importance of authentic connections and providing personalised services, valuing the role of people in serving and supporting other people.
  • Resourceful - You problem solve and find innovative solutions with limited resources.
  • Bias for action - You act with initiative and thrive at speed.
  • Follow through - You follow through, especially on the big things. Generally, if you say you’ll do it, you do it.
  • Leverage - You focus on high leverage activities, you prioritise ruthlessly, you know how to build processes to get more done with less.

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