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Automation Engineer

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Join Our Team at Overdrive!
Overdrive is an automation and AI consulting agency. We help our customers automate their operational systems so they can grow faster. We work across multiple industries, with a specific focus on VC’s.
And we’re growing just as fast as our clients!
We’re looking for an Automation Engineer to join our team. The Automation Engineer will help support our implementation team to deliver client projects. The client projects will be approximately 30-% no-code and 70% code. The ideal candidate will have some experience in no-code tools, and solid experience working with code tools.
We’re on a mission to automate 1 million hours of work and train 50,000 people on using automation tools. As part of this role and our mission, we will help train you, grow, and develop into where you want to go within the organization.
  • We work remotely - you can be anywhere! But you need to be available for check-in calls and team syncs.
  • Our team includes AI Engineers that can mentor you and help you grow.
  • Exposure to different clients across different industries.
  • We will pay you well. You will receive a competitive rate for your local geographic market, above average.
  • Position: Automation Engineer
  • Role Type: Contract (part-time)
  • Location: Remote
  • Language(s):
    • Ideally, speak and write in English.
    • Spanish, optional
  • Pay: Competitive hourly rate
  • Responsibilities
    • Develop and implement automation workflows
    • Utilize no-code tools to build and deploy automations
    • Write and maintain Python scripts
    • Create and maintain web scrapers
    • Implement GenAI tools and systems - LangChain, vector databases, etc
    • Work with OpenAI APIs
    • Set up and manage data infrastructure, including databases
  • Qualifications
    • Some experience with no-code automation tools
    • Proficiency in Python. Need to have familiarity with accessing databases, creating scrapers, running API calls.
    • Familiarity with Langchain and other GenAI architectures (eg: Vector Databases like PineCone)
    • Experience using OpenAI APIs
    • Strong skills in creating and managing web scrapers
    • Solid understanding of data infrastructure engineering
    • Experience setting up and managing databases
    • Basic understanding of how LLMs and ML systems work is a bonus (eg: prompting, recall). 
      • You will not be asked to create custom AI models. Our team has AI engineers that can do it (and you can learn if you want!)
  • Preferred Skills
    • Strong problem-solving abilities
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Attention to detail is critical, especially in client-facing work
    • Familiar with Python and Python-related libraries (eg: LangChain, etc) and SQL. React is a bonus.
Application Process
We’re very transparent with our application process. We don’t believe in long application with many steps. We like to get started and move fast.
Here’s what you’ll go through, when you apply:
  1. We will review your resume and experience. If you do not fit the criteria, we will let you know why (we don’t ghost people!)
  2. If your experience and resume fits, we will schedule an introductory call. 
    1. Our calls are practical. Be ready to share automations that you’ve built or walk us through code that you have created.
  3. You will receive a test project. 
    1. Your success on this project project will determine if we move forward.
    2. If you deliver the project, you will be paid too. If you fail to deliver the project, you will not be paid.
Where to Apply 👇
Reach out to Georgiy at [email protected] with your experience and your resume to apply.