Growth Lead
Europe and United States
$80 - $120 USD yearly
This is our first ever job posting at, so instead of a standard list of “responsibilities and requirements”, I recorded a video job description to give you a deeper look at the company, product, and role. Check it out here:

(even if you're not interested in working with us, you may find the video interesting, and I'm eager to hear any feedback you have on it!)

And here's the quick summary of the opportunity, before you commit to the video, which is a bit long 😅 .

We have a self-serve product with strong engagement, retention, and conversion to paid, so we’re looking for a growth lead to bring more users to it!

The Role
- Your mission will be to dramatically increase our acquisition of new customers.
- You’ll do this by up-leveling our work on our existing efforts (partner marketing, scaled SEO, content marketing, and social media) and by exploring new channels (video, PPC, and other ideas).
- This role will require strategy and analysis to create a complete picture of where our potential users are, which channels are performing, and where we should place our bets.
- This role will also require a lot of “real work” to prove whether a given strategy can bring in the right potential customers. You’ll write content, record videos, run ad campaigns, edit existing copy, reach out to creators for partnerships, and more.
- The expectations and pace will be high, but you’ll have both the autonomy and support you’ll need to succeed.
- When you look back at your first months/years at, you’ll be able to say something like “I grew customer acquisition by 100x by boosting SEO by 10x, video acquisition by 20x, and by kicking off a profitable PPC program that acquired X customers”.

The Ideal Candidate
- You’ve “done it before” and have driven material traffic to a self-serve B2B SaaS business in its earliest stages.
- You have a bias towards action to try things and see what works without doing too much up front philosophizing.
- You’re based somewhere between the Pacific Time Zone and Central European Time Zone.
- You know what “terrific” looks like in each of the key early stage growth channels and have personally done some of the following:
-- Written high quality blog posts that rank on Google
-- Created compelling videos to showcase a new product
-- Run profitable, low-CAC PPC campaigns
-- Executed performant email marketing and social media campaigns
-- Scrappily found new users on Reddit, web forums, Facebook Groups, or wherever else they may be.
- You’re data driven in assessing what existing work is performing, what needs to be refined, and where new bets should be placed.

If you’re interested in learning more, connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected] with [Growth Lead] in the subject along with a quick description of previous growth work that you’ve done.