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Process Automation Developer

$35,000 - $50,000 USD yearly
Employment Type:
We're open to contractors, but you're the ideal candidate if you're looking for a part-time or full-time role.

Who We Are:
Opzer believes in a future where services firms operate with zero wasted time, allowing people to work fewer hours and make time for what matters most to them.

We exist to make that happen for accounting firms -- and we do so through process automation, mainly using no-code and low-code solutions.

Why This Role Exists:
This role exists to build and test reliable automations that help streamline the  processes of our clients.

As an individual contributor part-time, you will actively work on  3 - 6 active projects at once.

Who You Are:

The ideal candidate is someone who:
  • 👑 Makes change happen (early adopters)
  • 👑 Makes time count (ruthlessly efficient)
  • 👑 Minds the people (centered on human needs)

What You Must Know:
You’re a great candidate for this role if you already have experience with low-code tools. That said, we’re open to candidates with traditional software development experience that are excited about the no-code world. 
  • Integration platform experience: Zapier and/or Make
  • Minimum 1 year of experience (or equivalent to 200+ automations built)
  • Understanding of API documentation and webhooks
  • Spreadsheet proficiency: Excel and/or Google Sheets
  • Some overlap with EST business hours (even if it's a few hours)

Pluses, but not requirements:
  • Familiarity with low-code databases like Airtable, SmartSuite, or similar
  • Familiarity with AI tools like ChatGPT
  • Familiarity with form builders like Typeform, Paperform, Jotform, Formstack, or others
  • Able to have a fluent conversation in English.
  • Some Javascript and/or Python knowledge
  • Familiarity with low-code RPA tools
  • CRM software experience: ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, HighLevel, or other CRMs
  • Accounting background
  • Experience working remotely

What You’ll Get Done:

People in this role are the primary producers in our company, investing their time:

  • Designing the infrastructure needed for automation (creating forms, tables, pipelines, and other assets as needed.)
  • Mapping out the logic required to automate processes.
  • Building and thoroughly testing automations.
  • Communicating project progress to the team.
  • Monitoring automations once they're live, and troubleshooting as needed.
  • Documenting in layman’s terms the automation they built for documentation & client training purposes.

What You'll Get:
  • Competitive pay that rewards you by your efficiency (no hourly billing).
  • Within First 6 Months: Opportunity to transition for a full-time role.
  • Within First Year: Benefit from our profit share on top of your salary after one year full-time, which could raise your total compensation 20 to 30%+.
  • Within 2-3 Years: If desired, the opportunity to build and lead a team of no-code developers, an emerging career.
As a full-time contributor, the role's base pay (excluding potential bonuses) will be 35,000 to 50,000 USD per year.